Salamworld: Meet Your World “Islamic Facebook”

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Salamworld: Meet Your World “Islamic Facebook”

Salamworld, First Muslim Facebook like site ready to give tough time to Facebook.  Salamworld is funded by prominent Muslim businessmen, with over 500,000 people waiting for membership. Salamworld representatives also meet with various personalities in Pakistan.







Salamworld is a global social network based on Islamic idea of collaboration. Salamworld allows to express your individuality through different communities.

Salamworld is a chance for Muslims to have their own space in internet and in social networks. According to projections they are planning to attract about 5-15 mln users by the end of 2012, and more that 150 mln users within next three years.

Based in Istanbul, Salamworld will have working branches in many other cities, including Cairo, London, Moscow, Dubai and New York. The site will be streamed in 15 languages.

The site’s name “Salamworld” means “Hello world,” and the motto for the site reads “no politics, no bans, no limits.”

Salamworld aims to attract 100 million users by the end of its first three year term, targeting Muslim youth, intellectual leaders and non-Muslims wanting to learn more about Islam.










In Pakistan Salamworld representatives, Nedim Kaya, General Secretary for Executive Board, and Yavuz Selim Kurt, PR Director, met with many famous peoples. below is the list of those peoples.

  • Salman Iqbal, CEO of ARY Network
  • Azam Siddiqi, Vice president for Channel Distribution
  • Syed Mustafa Kamal, CEO TechnoSol
  • Al Sayeed Aqeel Anjum, Regional General Secretary of Jamaatul Ulema
  • Prof. Muhammad Aamir Baig from Al Suffah Academy
  • Mufti Muhammad Shahid and Mufti Syed Sabir Hussain, Senior Shariah Coordinator Burj Bank
  • Jamaatul Ulema is one of the biggest Islamic communities in Pakistan with numerous madrasas
  •  Muhammad Amir Salman, COMPASS
  • Shahid Abbasi from News Tribe
  • Abdul Sattar Edhi, Edhi Foundation
  • Dr. Muhammed Amcad Saqib from Akhowat Foundation
  • Muhammed Tahir ul Qadri, Minhajul Quran
  • Ahmed Piracha
  • Jemaati Islami
  • Imran Khan, Celebrity, Cricket hero, Politician and Chairman of Chairman Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf Party

Salamworld aims to create a safe space for Muslims – free from things such as pornography, gambling and anything else that may be against Islamic principles.

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