How Violence Affects the Childhood

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How Violence Affects the Childhood

Experts in several countries working on the effects of childhood violence are shocked to see a major spike in the crime against children in the last few decades. We cannot pinpoint one reason behind this spurt in violence, but believe that it may be due to a combination of factors. These factors range from declining social values to exposure of violence and sex through media outlet, lack of role model in our society, crumbling social structure and no parental control in the formative years of a child.

Studies by the United Nations have shown that nearly 60 percent of the children worldwide either endured physical violence or have witnessed it inflicted on somebody else. The level of violence does not depend upon rich or poor, it encompasses the entire social strata. Third world countries like India, where there is no well-defined child care service available, the situation is alarming where millions of children are subjected to violence and thousands of them are trafficked to do cheap labor as well as sold in flesh trade.

What Type of Violence is Faced by Kids?

Children faces every imaginable sort of violence that include both physical as well as physiological. The list of violence include abuse from older siblings as well as parents, sexual assault, maltreatment by teacher and bullying by older kids in the school as well as in the neighborhood.

Studies have shown that more often than not the perpetrator of the violence against the kid is someone he knows like a family member or even a family friend. In addition, children may also see violence in the society as well as among his/her parents during a domestic quarrel. All these leads to serious emotional as well as behavioral problems among these kids, which if not tackled in time, may not only cause permanent damage to these kids.

Smoke Signs of Child Abuse

It is necessary that the early sign of childhood violence be spotted by the parents, teachers, counselors or even social service personnel before they can make a permanent damage to the mind of the child.  These signs include violent tendencies, inability to take stress, inability to focus attention, impulse control, alcohol and drug abuse and in the extreme cases even suicide attempts.

Effect of Childhood Violence

Childhood Violence can lead to increase in antisocial behavior, irritability, regressive behavior, anxiety, attachment problems, depression and aggressive behavior. In addition, these kids are also likely to have health-related problems (both mental as well as physical), as well as cognitive problems, academic and delinquency issues.

How to Address this Burning Issue

This rot can be tackled only by the collective effort of the government, parents, family members, community leaders, social services and juvenile system.  If we all work in tandem, we will be able to give a happy and healthy environment to our children so that they can achieve their full potential and contribute to the progress of the society in a positive way.

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