Pregnancy Travel: Best Places for Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy Travel: Best Places for Pregnant Women

Best Tourism Place for Pregnant Women

Giving Life brings you another interesting article about Pregnancy Travel: Best places for Pregnant women. Here we explore the best places for pregnant women to travel, give birth and raise a family.

If you are thinking of taking a break with your spouse from your busy and strenuous work schedules and your wife is pregnant and you want to have some fun and relaxation then these are some destinations that you may pick for your holidays.


Greece is the world’s safest place to give birth, with a one in 31,800 risk of dying in childbirth. There are fewer than 20 midwives in the whole country. Imagine yourself lying on a sandy beach… now feel the warmth of sun on your skin, let your eyes focus somewhere in the midst of the archipelagos, smell the iodine of algae, listen to the sound of sea as it embraces the wet sand and rocks…you are in one of the 6.000 Greek islands and you live the ultimate experience of relaxation and freedom! Discovering the soul of a Greek city is much more than a quick tour around its monuments and sightseeing.










Open spaces in Greece and especially in its busy Athens capital, offer a unique feeling of freedom. “Openness” is very much a part of the Greek culture, history, lifestyle, entertainment and character.  Sink your body into a natural pool. Let the warmness of the water engulf every inch of you, release the tension and worship the wild vegetation covering the surroundings.. Ease your mind and soul with the help of the thermal spas.








Jumby Bay, Antigua, West Indies

Jumby Bay is another best place for pregnant vacation. While the aqua expanse separating this island from Antigua takes only eight minutes to cross by boat, you’ll feel like you’re entering a different time zone — if not dimension — by the time you land at Jumby Bay.









Occupied by a single resort of the same name, a handful of vacation homeowners and countless hawksbill turtles, the place is preternaturally quiet, intimate, and gorgeous. And though the in-room pregnancy massage wins raves, it’s almost redundant given the tension-melting effects of the local air, water, and ubiquitous smiles — particularly radiant and approving at the sight of a bikini-exposed bump.








Portland, Ore.

Portland is the greatest place for pregnant vacation. Portland moms boast an exceptionally high breastfeeding success rate—an estimated 27 percent of them are still nursing six months after giving birth, more than any other city in our survey. And the place is teeming with OB-GYNs, offering pregnant women plenty of opportunity to select a doc whose approach they’re comfortable with.











Looking for an alternative birth? There’s a doula on almost every corner (Portland has more doulas per 1,000 live births than any city we surveyed, except for Minneapolis). Maternal mortality is very low, and very few babies are born with low birth weight. And when it’s time for day care, Portland parents can take comfort in knowing that state laws require thorough background checks for caregivers.









The tiny island of Anguilla in northern Caribbean is a mix of vibrant cultures. The island has spectacular beaches with enchanting azure waters. The serene atmosphere of this island serves as the best enclave for tourists where they can peacefully enjoy the beauty of nature. Locals at the island provide great hospitability to the visitors and strongly uphold their customs and rich cultural values.








Norway is the world’s best place to be a mother, with low risks of maternal mortality — one in 7,600 — and skilled help at nearly all births. Experience northern lights or midnight sun above the Arctic Circle, or visit the world famous Norwegian fjords with tall mountains and glaciers.








Denver stands a mile above most other places in our survey, with plentiful OB-GYNs and infant pediatricians, and accessible neonatal intensive-care units (NICUs). Abundant infant day-care centers and countless parks make it even better. Also, Colorado’s Cesarean-section rate is 18 percent lower than average.









Maui, the second largest island in Hawaii, is ideal destination to spend pregnancy holidays. The island boasts incredible beauty with amazing waters and beautiful weather. Haleakala volcano known as the “House of the Sun” is located in this island. Tourists here enjoy sunrise and sunset at the black, white and gold sand beaches. The island is ideal spot to watch whales from December to May.


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